Through rigorous academics, high-quality instruction, and intentional character development, Nevada Rise Academy Charter School places every kindergarten through 5th grade student on a path to college, and ensures each student has access to life's fullest opportunities. 


The academic achievement gap has persisted in our country, in Nevada, and in Clark County for far too long.

The ramifications of this gap limit not only academic success, but the opportunities for life success for thousands of our students.

Schools across the country are proving that it is possible to close the gap and change the trajectory for long-term success and achievement regardless of zip code or other demographic determinants.

Nevada Rise intends to be such a school and envisions all students achieving at high levels, matriculating into high-achieving middle and high schools, graduating college, and proving what is possible for ALL students in Las Vegas.


Nevada Rise Academy is a tuition-free public charter school serving kindergarten through 5th grade students in Las Vegas. We will open our doors to our first group of kindergarten and 1st grade students in the fall of 2018. 

At Nevada Rise Academy, we believe that every child, regardless of demographics or socioeconomic status, should have the opportunity to choose college and should have access to the foundation that will make that choice possible. We begin building that foundation on the first minute of the first day of kindergarten. 

We employ the following components to unlock the potential that enables all students to RISE!

  •  Culture of achievement enables students to learn in a structured environment.
  • Excellent teachers deliver rigorous curriculum with high expectations.
  • Literacy is crucial to success in all other academic subjects.
  • More time in the school day gives our students the support they deserve.
  • Character development unlocks the full potential of every student.